Saturday, 14 June 2014

Friday 13th wasn't so bad

The weather was overcast for the whole day, but it stayed dry until late in the afternoon when there was one heavy shower.

Undecided about how to spend our last day in the lakes, we ended up driving around Coniston Water and making a few stops along the journey.

The first stop was at Brantwood, John Ruskin's home and having a brief look around an a cup of tea overlooking the lake.

Continuing along the East side of the lake, along the narrow "C" road (these are better than the "D" roads that we experienced earlier in the week!), we came across numerous parking spots with views of the lake, but we were heading for one on the western edge of the lake. This one had "facilities", by which it seems they mean it has toilets. It had no hand basins though, just a dispenser for hand sanitiser!

The car park had access to the lake side via a path, and it was only a few minute walk to get to the lake and the lovely view.

A couple were preparing their kayak to go out on the lake, and despite them not seeming to have much of an idea of what they were doing when they started out, they soon vanished from view.

Having spend about an hour admiring the view and the tranquility, we headed back up to Coniston village, parked up and went into the same cafe that we had been to on Sunday. Sally had some home made red pepper soup, and I had the home made pie and chips again. (The gravy and the mushy peas were so tasty that I just couldn't resist them!!)

A walk around the village was followed by a nice cream, and the. We made our way back to Ambleside and visited the garden centre that was not far from the cottage. It claims to be the largest garden centre in the area. I wouldn't be surprised if it is the largest in the country - it is absolutely massive. You could spend an entire day there and still probably not see it all.

It basically consists of a huge building built in a circle, which contains all the gifts, tools, clothes, etc that one finds in garden centres these days, and the plants are in the centre of the circle. If you are ever in the area, give it a visit, you will be amazed.

While we were there, the heavy shower happened, which saved the staff having to water the plants I suppose.

Back at the cottage, we had more tea and a chill out before having a meal made up of bits and bobs that needed using up. I watched he Spain v Netherlands football match, and them it was bed time for the last time here.

We have really enjoyed our time here. The only criticism of the cottage could be the difficult to use parking space and the road noise. We like to sleep with the bedroom window open, but the road noise was so loud that we couldn't here the radio that we have on all night. It is surprising just how busy the road is, even in the early hours of the morning.

We can't complain about the cottage itself. It was spotlessly clean, very well furnished and equipped, with high quality products. You would be quite happy to live there with what they have in it.

Would we come back? To the area - yes, in a heart beat. It is achingly beautiful, with plenty to see and do. A week probably wasn't long enough in some ways, but until we are fitter and able to do some of the walks the area offers, it is long enough. In terms of towns, we have pretty much done all the ones close by that are worth doing. There are some more National Trust (and similar) places to see, and I'm sure that we will come back.

As to whether we would go back to this cottage - probably not, and that is simply down to the parking and the road noise. We have now got a better idea of which parts we would like to stay in, and I would favour along Coniston Water myself, probably in a stone cottage tucked away somewhere.

It feels as though we have been off work for ages, and we are only half way through our holiday! We are going to Derby on Saturday to spend a couple of days with Sally's parents before heading back home on Monday. We have a few things we would like to do next week, and we have our fingers crossed for decent weather.

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