Saturday, 7 June 2014

A first evening walk....

After dinner, with my headache almost gone, the rain having stopped, and the sun having decided to make an appearance, we elected to go for a walk.

What a lovely surprise we had as we turned the corner and found that the view across the lake had re-appeared and was also rather stunning. The photographs we took really didn't do the view justice, and it did make us both feel better for having come out for the walk.

We took the route that i thought would take us from where we are staying into Ambleside town centre. Just as i was thinking that i had got it wrong as we seemed to be heading out into countryside, we did in fact arrive in the town centre.

There were a lot more people about than i had expected for that time on a Saturday evening, but then again, i guess that as we rarely go out on a Saturday evening we have very little idea as to how many folk to expect to see!!

Of course, most of the shops were closed, but there are lots of restaurants, cafes and pubs that were open. There are lots of outdoor shops in the town, but there is also a good selection of gift shops, galleries and clothes shops. We are already looking forward to having a trip back into town when the shops are open!!

We did find a fudge shop that was open, and we felt it would be rude to just walk passed (!), so we did pop in a but a piece of their homemade goodies. (It is absolutely delicious by the way!)

The route we took back to the cottage was different to the one we took into town, and i think that we had walked about 3 miles by the time we arrived back home. It was a very pleasant walk, and we were both very pleased that we had done it.

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