Sunday, 17 November 2013

Norfolk holiday.

Yes my friends, we are on holiday yet again. I know, I know, it must seem that we are semi-retired, but that just isn't the case! Because our summer holiday was a bit of a let down, we decided soon after to book something for around the time of my birthday, a bit like we did a couple of years ago when we went to Whitby.

We played around with a few ideas, including Saundersfoot in South Wales, but in the end settled on Norfolk, or more precisely, my beloved Cromer. We have rented a "villa" on the Cromer country club resort for a week. Villa is a bit grand of a title for what is basically a two bedroomed house, but if that is what they want to call it then so be it.

It is very nice, well decorated, clean, and fresh smelling, so a total change from the dump we stayed in on the Isle of Wight in the summer! It has a very large living/dining room with two leather sofas and a six place dining table. The kitchen is tiny, but well equipped, and there is also a master bathroom downstairs. Upstairs are the two bedrooms, the main one having a king sized bed and ensuite bathroom the other having two single beds plus a day bed.

There is a paved patio area complete with table and chairs, but I doubt that it will be getting any use from us at this time of the year!

The country club has a swimming pool, gym, restaurant etc, and all the facilities are available to us while we are here. Cromer lighthouse is just to the side of the carpark, so as you can gather, we are close to the sea, although on a cliff top I believe.

We got here yesterday afternoon, and just made a quick trip to morrisons in Cromer for provisions before settling in for the night. It is quite cold in here, this is partly because it is quite cold anyway, partly because the property hasn't been used for a few weeks, and also partly because we have both lost quite a bit of weight and are feeling the cold more anyway!

Today we went to Norwich, which is somewhere we have not been to before despite this being our third visit to Norfolk. I have heard good things about the city as a shopping venue, and am pleased to report that I had not been lied to. It reminded me of York in many ways, with lots of narrow streets with little shops. While there are all of the usual shops you get in cities, there are also plenty of independent and interesting shops to draw your attention too. We hope to go back there again later in the week.

We haven't really made any plans for the week. We knew that the weather was not likely to be too kind to us, most of the national trust places are closed at this time of the year, the hours of daylight are short, and also, the whole thing has rather crept up on us and caught us a bit by surprise - we have both been so busy at work that the holiday planning has taken a back seat priority wise.

I very nearly didn't bring my good camera, but at the last minute threw the bag in the car. I have my doubts that it will get used, but for how much space it has taken up, it doesn't really matter.

Today the weather has been very dull and overcast, and as we came back from Norwich, it started to rain, and it is quite foggy on the cliff top. No star gazing tonight! The forecast is for snow on Tuesday, so we have to keep our gingers crossed that they have that wrong.

We may go for a swim in a little while, it is a quarter to six in the evening right now, and pitch black outside. The pool is about a 5 minute walk away, so not far, but the weather may decide for us what we do.

The photo is of me in Cafe Nero in Norwich sporting my new jacket (thanks to Ron and Beryl!) which I am really pleased with.

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