Monday, 18 November 2013

Monday Monday, too dull to see......

Yes, here we are on Monday evening after a dull and slightly drizzly day. We had a lie in and didn't get out and about too early. A short drive into Cromer, and we were very surprised to not be able to park on the cliff top at the side of the road - every time we have been here in the summer we have managed it, but today on a November Monday late morning, no chance, all the spaces were full!
So, we carried on to Sheringham, where they now have dubious pleasure of a tesco supermarket in the town. The last time we were here two years ago, we signed the petition against them coming to the town, which I think I mentioned in my blog at the time.

We had a nice walk around the town, it was still just about dry at the time, and did look like brightening up for a while. Not too much has changed shop wise, although some of the shops were now closed for the winter. There were a few new shops that we didn't remember from last time, and overall we have to say that we still really love the place. 

We did have fish and chips for lunch at "Dave's" which was delicious. We were also very good because we didn't eat the batter, which would have been the worst part of the meal for our diets. #proudofourselves !!!

I had put my prescription in to the chemist, but when I went to collect it the pharmacist was at lunch so they couldn't give it out to me. Our carpark ticket was about to run out, so we decided to go back and get it tomorrow or Wednesday.

We drove along the coast through all the tiny villages we have seen before many times, past Wells Next The Sea, and further along than we have been before until we headed slightly inland to Burnham Market. Ann at work had told me about this village after she had stayed there for a few days recently, but we had never been before. It is a very pretty little place with some lovely shops, mostly upmarket, but really nicely done. We did go into one that was a bit of a general gift shop but had hats upstairs. Nothing could have prepared us for just how many hats they had though. There were thousands of them, lady's and gents ones, all shapes, sizes, colours and styles. It was all a bit mind blowing. Sally found a nice warm furry one she liked until she saw the price - we'll over £200! I discovered that Stetson is a brand name and not a style of hat - I did not know this. I tried a few on, but the ones I liked Sally shook her head at, and some of the others just made me look like a right old codger!
By now, it was raining more, and starting to get dark, so we headed back to Cromer and "home". We had decided to go for a swim, moly to discover that the boiler was broken and the pool out of action as the water was cold. Oh we'll, back go the villa then, get the fire on and get comfy of the sofa for a bit of a read and a lot of a doze!
Dinner tonight, to try to make up for the lunchtime naughtiness, was mugshot and crackers, which I have to confess, is really really nice and one of my favourites at the moment. Never let it be said that we don't know how to live it up!!
Naff all on the television tonight, so after this blog post I shall turn back to the book I'm currently reading: The Sign by Raymond Khoury.

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