Sunday, 12 August 2012

....erm, so it looks like we're moving then!!

OK, so for those who didn't know, we have sold our house, have chosen a new one, and started the ball rolling for moving!!

The date that we are aiming for is 21st September, which is the day before Sally's birthday.....does this mean that i don't have to get her a present this year then? I have yet to find out for sure!

It all feels so much more official today - i have taken down my ham radio antenna, which means there is no changing our minds now as far as i'm concerned ;-)

We also tackled the garage at long last - 3 car loads of junk taken to the tip - we have been fairly ruthless, but stopped short of ditching all the camping gear just in case we can't afford "proper" holidays anymore.

I am aching like crazy now, but i will have to get used to it, as there is still a lot more to be sorted out and packed up in the next 6 weeks....if this doesn't help me to lose more weight then i don't know what will.


  1. When a woman says "Don't buy me anything", she doesn't mean you shouldn't buy here anything. She means buy me some token of affection well within budget. My husband Jeff found this out the hard way a few Valentine's ago. When as per my instructions he didn't buy me anything. Not even a card! If only men could read minds as well as women think they can.