Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Tuesday 15th March - Alnwick & Barter Books

The weather app had always claimed that Tuesday was going to be the least good this week, and so we had always planned to go to Alnwick today to look around the shops and mainly to go to Barter Books, the huge second hand book shop set in the old railway station. Then last night the app changed to say that today was actually going to be really nice, and so we changed the plans, and I looked up a route to take in a few of the towns going South from where we are staying that we haven't been to before.  

Then, we woke up to find that it was raining. So, back to the original plan. After a lie in, we had a nice cooked breakfast, which is something that we hardly ever have. Sausage, poached egg, mushrooms and toast to set us up for the rest of the day.

When we eventually went out, it was just after lunchtime, and we made our way to Alnwick and parked up on the outskirts of the town. Having been a couple of times before, we pretty much knew where we wanted to go, and our first port of call was "Bari Tea" which is a tea shop that specialises in high quality teas, and also makes their own cakes. We both had a pot of tea, Sally having "Glendale", and I had "Kenyan Kambaa". They were both really nice, but we each preferred the one we had chosen, which was just as well. The coffee cake looked rather splendid too, and so we each had a slice of that too!

After these refreshments, we had a quick wander around the town, before heading to the main destination for the day, Barter Books. I was so excited about going there again. What a shame that I had left my wanted list back at the cottage, and that my mind literally went blank the moment I walked through the door to be confronted by thousands of books. My poor little brain could hardly cope with it all, but thankfully I pulled myself together, and with the help of Google and the Amazon website, I was able to pick up a few that I wanted!

When you see just what they had available though, it becomes a bit of a surprise just how few I ended up buying!!! I could have filled a shopping trolley.

Sally really could have just left me there for the rest of the week to be honest. Although she did find a couple of books for herself too.

A quick spin around Lidl to top up on a few supplies, and then we made our way back to the cottage. It has been drizzling on and off all day really, and has been a bit chilly compared to the last few days. The heating at the cottage is on full blast though, and we have actually had to open the patio doors a little to try to feel comfortable! 

Jacket spuds are in the oven cooking for our dinner, and an evening of reading, following the football on the radio and the last episode of Happy Valley await us.

I'm just not sure how we can cope with the excitement of this rock and roll lifestyle we find ourselves leading 😉

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