Sunday, 20 March 2016

Saturday 19th March - back home

So, the holiday is over, and we are back to some form of "normality". The journey home took a little longer than it might have due to traffic hold ups on the M1 forcing us to take a slightly scenic route via the M18 to Newark and the the A46 across to join the M1 lower down than we would normally have.   Both cars got a good wash once we got home, and they both looked a lot better for bit of a spruce up.   Once we got home we found that our big bear, Bobby, had been "bear-napped" by our next door neighbours, and had gotten himself into all sorts of trouble. Thankfully, they had taken photographs to show us just what he had been up to while we were away......  
Firstly, he went to Ann's parents house to meet them.
They kindly gave him tea.
Of course, this wasn't enough for him, and he went onto gorge himself on chocolate.
This sent him all excitable, and then he went a bit wild.
He even drove Daniel's car to the shops on the lookout for more sweets.
Disappointingly, he discovered alcohol.....
And by the time we got him back home, he was tired after his exploits.
Apparently, it was all our own faulty for not having taken him with us on holiday........
Which all goes to prove that our neighbours have become as barkingly mad as we are. It took a while, but we have managed to get them to our level of silliness! Thank you Daniel and Ann for "looking after" our bear for us while we were away!! 😀

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