Thursday, 25 August 2011

A few days off....still got something to grumble about though...

At long last i get a few days off work. My boss is now back from his holiday, we have caught up with everything that needed to be sorted, and now i have a few days break.

I would like to say that i have enjoyed the lie-in, but both yesterday and today i have been up almost as early as if i were going to work - must be a habit. I will do my best to break this particular habit i think!

Have to confess that i did fall asleep on the sofa yesterday afternoon for a little while until my phone rang and woke me up with a start. Yes, it was to do with work, but at least it wasn't anyone from the shop phoning me.

One thing that we have noticed over the last few months is just how RUDE more and more people are becoming. Just because we work in a shop does not give anyone the right to treat us as though we are a piece of dog dirt that they have trodden in.

I know that sometimes when you are shopping, the person serving you really isn't trying very hard, or is not giving you particularly good service. If this is the case, then yes, maybe you do have the right to be unhappy. BUT.....when YOU walk into a shop with a face like a slapped ar$e and a real attitude to begin with, don't be surprised if the person you inflict your custom on doesn't treat you like a member of royalty. Don't take it out on them because YOUR demands are either impossible to meet or simply out of order. They are a real person just like you. They might be having a bad day too. They might have other worries on their mind too. At least smile and be civil. That's really not asking much is it?

Some times one has to wonder about the mentality of people. For instance, a customer who is "furious" that the sweep seconds hand on their watch does not EXACTLY line up with the markers - yes, it's not right, but is it REALLY that much of a big deal? If that is the worst problem in that persons life then i envy them!

Or the person who's digital watch is 4 seconds slow but they don't know how to set it themselves, didn't buy it from us and can't remember where they put the manual, BUT, they catch a lot of buses, so it is important for it to be spot on.....
A. Would you take your Ford Focus to a Vauxhall dealer to have something put right on it?
B. It's not our fault you can't find your manual.
C. While on the subject.....RTFM !!! (Read the f****** manual)
D. Just how many buses actually turn up on time anyway?????

Or how about the person who blames us that the fine gold chain that they have worn every day for the last 20 years is now worn they blame the shoe shop that their shoes wear out too?

One word springs to mind.....................AAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

There, i have got it out of my system. For a little while anyway.

So, the next time you go into a shop, remember........
1. Smile. (it's nice and it uses less muscles than frowning)
2. Be polite. (not asking much there)
3. Try to be friendly.  (it will endeer you to the person behind the counter, and they will be more inclined to help you)
4. Be realistic in your requests.
5. Don't be an ar$e. (it simply doesn't suit you!!)

Have a good day - i plan too.

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  1. LOL! Sorry, perhaps I shouldn't laugh Mike but I used to work in a shop many years ago and can sympathise totally with what you're saying! One of the reasons why we moved out to the countryside is to get away from people in towns and cities - no respect for others whatsoever! In our village, everyone says goodmorning even if you've not been formally introduced!

    I hope your few days were good! Say hi to the ever lovely Sally for me!

    Mary J x