Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Last day off for a while

The bug really seems to have bitten - not only did i spend a couple of hours on the big project last night, but i also took a little one to bed with me to carry on with before i went to sleep! It is a small image of a palace guard from one of this months cross stitch magazines. It claims that it should only take a couple of hours, but either that is very optimistic or i am still very slow!

Today is my last day off work for a few weeks, as my boss goes away on holiday this weekend for three weeks. So, i had a bit of a lay-in and carried on with the guard for a while before i got up.

Once up and about, i decided to go to Hobbycraft to have a look at the needlework hoops. I ended up getting three different sizes - i was shocked at how cheap they were - usually anything to do with crafts or hobbies are so expensive, but these were only a couple of pounds each, so i was pleasantly surprised. I also got a needle threader (a HUGE thank you to whoever invented these - i love you!) and a small black plastic box to store all my bits and bobs in. Sally had asked me to look for some blending pencils for her, which i found, so it was a successful shopping trip.

Back home i tried out the hoops, and boy do they make life so much easier! I am very glad i got them, and managed to get some more done on the big project.

A brief interlude for lunch, when Stuart and i went to Baginton to the pub by the airport (can't remember what it is called) - we hadn't been there for some years, and it has changed and improved dramatically. I had my usual burger, although this one came with the option to "build your own", so i had it with bacon, brie, mushrooms and potato rostie. It was absolutely delicious! We will have to go there again. The airport was earily quiet though - i only heard one small plane the whole time we were there.

After lunch, i carried on with my needlework, and thanks to some lovely sunshine and the hoop, i got quite a lot done today. I did break off to do some ironing, which i think was a good idea as my eyes were starting to feel a bit tired.

Here is where i am with it now - the first picture is from last night (day 3), the second from this afternoon (day 4) - i might do some more to it before i go to bed......

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  1. I haven't cross stitched in a long time but I found the hoops really helpful tool. It all looks wonderful, I didn't have the patience to stay with it so congrats on doing such a good job!