Monday, 25 July 2011

Can you see what it is yet? (or day 2 update....)

Thanks to Sally publicising my blog, i have had new visitors and new followers, so a big "hello & welcome" to the newcomers! Thanks for taking the time to read my waffles and laugh at my pictures.

Yes, i finally made a start on the cross stitch last night, and did a couple of hours, and have done the same tonight after work, and the photo shows the progress so far.....

It may not look much, but this is better than no start at all, and was surprisingly complicated - it may all look the same, but there are two different sets of colours in there already - no, i can't see the difference much either!!

You are probably wondering why i have started at the top left of the image rather than in the centre as is the usual way. Well, the centre of the image is very complex, with small areas of lots of different colours, and i wanted to start on an "easy" section with large areas of the the same colour, just to get my confidence up.

Most of the sky areas are just half cross stitches rather than full ones, but some of the area i have done so far used 3 strands (2 of one colour blue, and 1 of a slightly different colour....or so the chart claims), and some of it uses 2 strands of the same colour.

So far, so good. I have made one small error though, but without the chart, a magnifier and far too much spare time on your hands you would never know! I guess that 27 years of experience of engraving and sometimes having to hide one's mistakes has paid off!! ;-)

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