Monday, 18 April 2011

The worst car in the world?

I have to confess that I had been wondering if Sally was justified in being unhappy with her latest company car. It is a silver KIA Venga, which is not related to the manager of Arsenal football club from what I can gather.
Having only been a passenger in it, I was not able to comment other than the seat was fairly comfortable, but the ride was very "bouncy".
Today I had the chance to drive it from my parents house in Kenilworth, to ours in Coventry, a distance of around 6 miles, and I have to say that every yard of those few miles was sheer hell!
Not only does it bounce along the road like a demented space hopper, but the drivers seat is more akin to the comfort of a very old deckchair. To say that the car handles like a shopping trolley is actually to be unfair to most shopping trollies. None of the controls feel like they are actually connected to anything. The throttle may as well not be there, as pressing it only elicits an asthmatic wheeze from the engine. I actually wanted to give it my inhaler to use in the vain hope that it might actually help it.
The brake pedal does not appear to do anything until about four seconds after you press it, the gear lever feels very floppy, and the steering wheel really does feel that it is just spinning around on a shaft while not doing anything.
I can liken it to driving on a very poor computer game. Mind you, even a Playstation 2 gives a more realistic experience with half decent feedback.
I really cannot express just how poor a car it is to drive. I had to agree with Sally's complaints about it and even apologise for not believing her before.
The sooner she can get rid of this pile of junk the better. You even doubt that anyone would even steal it if you left it unlocked and with the keys in it!!
They may give a seven year guarantee with this car, but the only guarantee I can see they can offer is that you will be disappointed with it.

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