Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Break

So, after three weeks without a day off apart from Sundays, I finally have a break!

Sally was up in Derby on Saturday, and was running late, so I went swimming on my own for the first time. I wasn't really nervous about the swimming aspect, I just was a bit nervous about being on my own in a "not having anyone to chat to" kind of way, because we do tend to use the time in the pool as a bit of a catchup. Or is this just an excuse to have a rest between lengths?!

It all went fine. I managed to do half a dozen full lengths, and plenty of almost ones. So much so, that even now (Monday afternoon) I am still aching!! (mind you, the weeding in the garden on sunday probably didn't help either)

I did have a couple of minor "issues" in the pool. Once when I tried to stop swimming in the deepest section and discovered that the bottom of the pool was just a smidge deeper than I expected, and once when floating on my back and failing to stand up properly meant I slipped and went under a couple of times. BUT... There were no panics on my part, I just got on with it and recovered, and then laughed to myself.

None of the staff asked me where Sally was, which was a shame, as I was going to tell them that she was happy for me to go on my own now that she knew where I kept the insurance policies!! ;-)

Sunday, after a nice lie in, I helped Sally in the garden, we cut the budleah back a bit and weeded the flower borders and the gravel area. It didn't take as long as I thought it would, and was well worth the effort as it looks so much better for it. We can't do anymore for a while as the garden rubbish bin is now full!

Monday saw another nice lie in as I catch up with my beloved sleep, though I did venture into the garden to take a few photos.....

This was a photo of a ladybird on plant in the garden that I ran through an app on the iPad to make it look like a sketch.

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