Saturday, 18 March 2017

It's March, so it's holiday time!

At long last, it's holiday time again. It does seem a long time since we were last away, but this holiday has suddenly crept up on us, and while it seemed a long way away when we booked it, it has come around sooner than we thought it would. (I known that doesn't make much sense, but I know what no mean!)
As has become the norm for us, we have come back to Beadnell, which has become our second home, and eventually, we hope, will become our actual home. It is a place we adore, and holds a special place in our hearts. There is rarely a day goes by when don't close my eyes and imagine walking along the beach here, or walking along one of the streets in the village. It always makes me smile.
It is our first time staying in this actual property, which is a one bedroomed apartment in the centre of the village. (Rather than one on the edge of the village closer to the beach). It is still only about a 10 minute walk to the beach from here, and will be even less when I can work out where the short cut down the public right of way is!
The apartment is very nice. Modern, well specified, sensibly furnished and layed out. Clean and comfortable. You can't really ask for any more.
The journey up here was uneventful, the weather wasn't great, and we did have heavy rain for some of the time, and showers for most of the way up. Amazingly, there were no roadworks around Newcastle.  This is the first time that has happened. Every other time there have been hold ips whilst getting through the roadworks on the A1 at Newcastle. This was a nice surprise.
Once we had unpacked and settled in, had a mug of tea, we took a walk along to the beach. It had just about stopped raining, but they appear to have had quite a bit of rain here, and there were plenty of puddles along our route to the beach. Despite this, there were quite a few dogs and their owners on the beach enjoying the bracing wind. We didn't stay long, and walked back the long way to the flat.
There is an enormous TV on the wall in the lounge, and it was quite startling to see the faces of the people on Gogglebox at such a large size. I definitely prefer our "sensibly" sized TV at home.
The weather forecast looks to be improving a bit, so we may be able to get out and about a bit more than we thought we would. Whatever happens,  it is nice to be away, and to have a break.

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