Friday, 21 December 2012

Right, time for a rant.....

My journey to work is only about 6 miles, and usually goes without any "events", but this week has seen so many moments of dangerous/inconsiderate driving that i am going to start "shaming" the people involved......

Today we had the lady driving a silver Renault Scenic who cut me up on the Asda island near home, damn nearly taking the front of my car off. Madam, you were in the wrong lane and were not indicating, hope your manouver saved you a few seconds on your journey time.

Then we had the BMW who cut me up at the next island to get onto the A46. Like most BMWs, his indicators were not working - they really should make them a standard fit and not an optional extra on BMWs.

To the driver of the Audi A4 estate who felt the need to flash their lights at me while i was in the fast lane to get out of their way......did you not see the other cars in front of me which meant that i couldn't actually go any faster than i was. Hope the 2 seconds you saved on YOUR journey were well spent. And yes, that was two fingers i was holding up to you when you did get past me. Perhaps they were to indicate how many seconds you had saved yourself. Perhaps not.

Finally to the driver of the burgundy BMW 330 that decided he was far too important to wait in the queue on the left hand slip lane coming off the A46 to turn left towards Leamington, the right hand lane is actually meant for people turning right towards Kenilworth. Not only did you annoy me by cutting in front of me without indicating (again, get the option pack next time), but you would also have annoyed the other driver who was in the correct lane to turn left by almost taking the front of their car off when you cut them up too. Hope the saved time on YOUR journey to work was productively spent.

As from next week i will try to note the registration numbers people. you have been warned!!!!

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