Sunday, 20 November 2011

Wonderful Whitby

So, here we are at last on our "Winter" holiday in Whitby. For many many years I have wanted to come here, but have never got around to it. Finally, here I am.
The journey up was fairly uneventful. There was a closure on the M1 just north of the Derby/Nottingham junction, so we did a detour which took us just around the edge of Derby and got back on the motorway north of the closure near to Ripley at junction 28.
The rest of the journey was fine, and as we got further north, so the sun shone more.
We actually arrived at the flat over an hour before we should have been able to get into it, but took a chance, and the coast was clear, so were able to get moved in and settled.
The flat is in a new'ish development on the site of an old wharf. There are several blocks of flats (sorry, luxury apartments) and a few town house style properties on the development.
Ours is on the 3rd floor (the block goes up to 4 floors) with there being a gated carpark on the ground floor. Thankfully there is a lift, which we took full advantage of to get all our stuff up here. Even though we are only here for a week, we seem to have brought so much with us. I am equally as guilty as Sally, and it seems that as I have gotten older, my ability to travel light has diminished!!
The flat itself is beautiful. It is HUGE, spotlessly clean, nicely furnished, and well set out. We are very impressed. The view from the lounge window is across the harbour and the town, with the abbey just being visable to the very right hand edge of the vista. We doubt that one would ever get bored of this view and want to take it home with us! We have yet to see "Sammy the Seal", but there are photos here to prove that others have seen him in the harbour.
After a refreshing cup of tea, we ventured into town to the Co-Op to stock up a bit. It was dark by now, and almost time for the shops to close (it was around 5pm), so our main interest turned to finding somewhere to eat.
We decided on a chip shop/restaurant that looked clean and nicely presented. Here we both had haddock and chips with mushy peas. Now I normally don't like mushy peas, and will only have one mouthful before turning my nose up, but these were lovely and creamy and I scoffed the lot! Sally on the other hand, who usually loves them, thought they were very bland and left most of hers. The fish was stunning. Very fresh, very white and very tasty. Full marks!
While we were waiting for our order to arrive, we spotted that sign I blogged about last night in the shop opposite. Have you worked out what "Pluots" are yet? If I tell you that the shop was one that sells dried fruits and nuts, will that help????
Back at the flat we settled down for the usual Saturday evening of mediocre television with plenty of interludes for tea and cake. (Sally has made a chocolate cake for my birthday - even though its not until Monday, we started on the cake!)
While "I wish I was still a celebrity, please give me some work" was on, I downloaded a cribbage game onto the ipad. I haven't played for about 30 years, and was amazed that I could still remember most of the rules and scoring. Had a couple of games against the computer, losing the first and winning the second.
To finish the evening off, I watched some of Match of The Day, mostly to see the Wigan v Blackburn game to see Blackburn's contriversal second goal. They are right, it should have never been allowed to stand! As a Blackburn fan, half of me is glad it was allowed as it gave us a point, and the other half of me wishes it hadn't been, we'd lost and would have been another nail in the mangers coffin, because all the while he is in charge, we are going to struggle. He simply hasn't a clue what he is doing!
Time for bed. See you in the morning!!

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