Wednesday, 19 October 2011

New phone

Despite the huge worldwide clamour for the latest iphone, I have come to the opinion that while Apple's phone is a fabulous bit of kit, it is a much better gadget than it is a. communications device.
I have had my 3GS for about a year now, and have spent many many hours using it in one way or another, but have always found the touchscreen keyboard and predictive text incredibly frustrating. Yes, you can turn the predictive text off, but that is just an annoying as trying to type at anything approaching a half decent speed with any form of accuraccy is simply impossible with my fingers.
I may still make spelling mistakes on the Blackberry, but they are only down to my failings, not that of the device.
Thanks to a call from Vodafone last week, I have the latest Blackberry Bold 9900, the one they have been advertising on TV a lot recently. It has both a touch screen and the proper legendary Blackberry keyboard. So popular was this new phone that I had to go on a waiting list and only actually got mine today.
Was it worth the wait? I would have to say yes. It looks quite a bit larger than my old one (the 9700), but when you put them together it is only a few millimeters larger in both width and height, but is also both thinner and lighter than the old one. The screen is larger and so are the keys of the qwerty keyboard, which makes it a breeze to type on - I am using it to type this.
The new operating system will take a while to get used to as it is different enough for it to involve a bit of a learning curve. The touch screen is very responsive and when coupled with the keyboard, it all seems to be the ideal interface - most things can be done with either, and to me at least, this has made it very quick and intuitive to use.
So far, so good then. All I need to do now is to find how to get the basics set up how I had my old one done......ringtones, message beeps etc. That might take a while!!

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