Sunday, 27 March 2011

I'm still standing!

What do you mean? I hear you asking.
Well, finally, after about six months, I can stand up while swimming!
So what you say - what's the big deal?
What it means is that I can use the whole pool rather than having to stay by the edges or just swimming across the width of the pool.
This new found freedom has meant that my confidence level has shot up, and I am more willing to try new things safe in the knowledge that if it goes pear shaped I can simply stand up quite happily. This might only seem a small thing to you, but it is a MAJOR thing for me!
Downside to this seems to be that my legs have become lazy! I can't seem to get the propulsion that I was getting from my leg snap, so my arms are having to do the majority of the work. This needs working on, and I WILL solve the problem. Eventually!
I am also working on floating on my back. Getting there, although it is taking a while to have total trust that the water can really support my intense weight!!

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