Sunday, 28 November 2010


Well, I have finally done it. I have gotten myself an iPhone! It is a used 32gb 3GS in White which wouldn't have been my first choice, but as you really need to use a protective case on one of these things anyway, no one would ever know what colour it was underneath.
So, three days in to the whole iPhone experience, what do I think of it? Well, it is a stunning piece of kit. There is no denying that apple have made their usual amazingly good job of the design and operating system. It is dead easy to use, though having gotten so used to the blackberry there is the inevitable learning curve to progress along.
Some things work differently to how I am used, am some things are totally new to me full stop. I am finding the touch screen keyboard a little frustrating, but am getting better with it each time I use it. I would say that I am almost up to the kind of speed that I had been able to achieve on my blackberry, but with more mistakes - partly due to the predictive text that this has. If you try to use abbreviations it really gets confused!!
Some of the apps that you can get for it from iTunes are amazing - I have yet to draw a blank when looking for something to do whatever I have been looking for. So many of them are free too. Why would these clever people spend so much time creating these apps and then give them away for free? Most odd.
So, winter has come early this year and they are predicting a harsh one like when we were kids. I hope that that are wrong as I'm really not keen on snow - it is lovely to look at, but not for travelling in. Poor Mini - don't want her getting cold and snowed on.
Enough for now I think - am starting to get a bit frustrated with the keyboard now!!! Maybe it is a cunning ploy to stop me from typing so much rubbish on here???
Keep warm!

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