Sunday, 12 September 2010

Wedding day photo shoot.

As some of you will know, yesterday I was shooting my first wedding! Vicki who used to work with me was getting married to Rob, and they had asked me if I would photograph their day for them. I have to confess that I was VERY nervous about doing it - you only get one chance when photographing something like that, when its over you can't go back and retake anything that didn't go to plan. Thank goodness that digital photography has come on so far that it can offer (almost) 35mm film quality results, but more importantly, you can tell straight away if it has come out how you wanted.

Between us, Sally and I took around 400 shots, and while some of them were awful, a large proportion of them were very usable and some of them were really nice.

I have to say that I am very pleased with how the day went. Vicki looked beautiful and Rob was very dapper in his suit and they both seemed so calm and laid back about the whole thing - whether they really were only they can answer!

Because I knew the bride and groom and most of Vicki's family the whole event was a lot less stressful on me than I was expecting. I'm sure that if I had been doing it for people I didn't know that it would have been a very different experience!

The weather was looking a bit threatening, and although it did rain from time to time, the sun came out for the photos outside of the church and it stayed dry for us when it mattered.

In the couple of hours between the afternoon and evening events, we dashed home to view the photos and chose a few to print out which Sally then put onto a couple of A3 boards to make a montage type display for people to see at the evening do. I think people were quite impressed with what we had done, and Vicki, Rob and their families seem pleased too.

Would I do it again? Well seeing as I already have two more "bookings" it seems that the answer is yes! It wasn't as nerve wracking as I was expecting it to be, we now know a few of the pitfalls and things that we would do differently, (I need a better flashgun for instance) but seeing as we went into the day with almost no clue of what we were doing, I would rate it as a success!! (Sally even got me to dance in the evening - I can't think of anything that feels so un-natural!)

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